Love/hate relationship with the Dreadmill




With my sprained knee, I had to take it super easy running today (in fact, I was supposed to wait until Monday to run again but I COULDN’T!!!).


Anywho, I find the treadmill incredibly boring but on the upside, there is a killer view from the gym in my apartment building (I apologize for the blurriness but you get the point)…





You see the triangle-looking building that is shining in the Chicago skyline (below)? That is the white building to the left (above).  Pretty sweet view if you ask me.


So I ended up doing about 1.3 miles on the dreadmill (which felt awesome) and 20 minutes on the bike.

We are having a friend over for pizza (I will be eating fish instead) so I’ve gotta go.  

It’s almost Friday, WOOT!

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