Dreary weather = sleeping in (i.e. missing my morning workout)

Yesterday’s workout looked a little something like this:


I got the general idea from another blogger (I forget who) but, I ended up switching up some things to work in some abs.  It wasn’t a ridiculous/crazy workout, but it got me sweaty which is always good.

I was supposed to workout this morning but with the dreary Chicago weather, I opted for a bit more sleep.


Wavy hair, don’t care.

Today’s lunch consisted of leftovers from last night: ground chicken, taco seasoning, onions, peppers, jalepenos and avocado, all mixed up together.  It was nothing special but it’s healthy, easy and quite tasty.


We’re having a friend over for dinner tonight so I am probably going to get in a quick little workout before I stop by the grocery store.

This weekend we are going to Gainsville for the LSU @ Florida game so I’ve got to make sure I get in some decent workouts before that trip because I won’t really have time to workout while I’m there (and let’s not forget to mention the booze/food I will be consuming during the tailgating!).

Happy hump day!

One thought on “Dreary weather = sleeping in (i.e. missing my morning workout)

  1. Great post!

    I’ll have to try out that workout! It looks intense! And the chicken looks delicious. Just be careful with pre-packaged taco seasonings… some have a ton of sodium in them! But it’s definitely something i’m craving now.. lol

    -Natures Complete

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