Friendsgiving, The Flu and Bouncing Back

This week has been busy/hectic/rough.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Last Sunday marked the Frenks’ Second Annual Friendsgiving…We had a total of 7 people and everyone brought/made a dish.  Let me tell you, we had TONS AND TONS of food + wine.  Here is a pictorial recap of the evening:

ImageGuys + gals on the left and the lovely couple on the right hosted it…Thanks guys!!!ImageAfter dinner, we capped off the night with drinking Jenga…terrible idea on a Sunday night before work.



Brendan pulled the block that said “head-to-table for one round.”



On Monday, I felt AWFUL…I thought it was simply the price to pay for such an awesome/fun/wonderful/alcohol-infused night but alas, it was the flu.  I was sick pretty much until Friday (yes, I was sick during Thanksgiving).  It was a little rough at first because my in-laws came to Chicago to visit but I was able to still have a good time with them and by Friday, I felt pretty much back to my old self.  With that said, being sick and working out don’t really seem to mix.  I tried to workout on Thanksgiving but it was extremely hard.

So, today I was finally able to do my usual workout which looked a little something like this:

30 minutes on the elliptical followed by…



I was supposed to do 3 rounds but ended up only doing 2 because apparently, if you don’t workout for a week, you’re a little slow to bounce back.

BUT, I am ready for the week!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friendsgiving, The Flu and Bouncing Back

  1. Just stumbled across your blog 🙂 I was sick last week and tried easing my way back into a gym routine the past few days – can DEFINITELY tell those few days off messed with me. It’s amazing…to progress seems like SO much effort but to slide backwards takes absolutely nothing haha

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