Weekly planning, early Christmas and SHOPPING

I am trying diligently to make sure I plan out my workouts and meals for each week.  I’m usually pretty good about planning my dinners, but not so much with lunch (I usually try to make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch the next day).

This week’s planned (completed) workouts look like this:


This week’s dinners are (were) as follows:

Monday – My husband made some chicken stew, not sure how he made it, but it was so yum

Tuesday – I made this awesome sausage & leek casserole but I used a lot of lower calorie options as substitutes (turkey sausage, wheat bread, egg whites, low fat cheese, etc.).  Even with the substitutes, it was DELICIOUS.

Wednesday – Steak with Brussels sprouts, salad and black beans

Thursday – Stuffed peppers (I’m just going to throw together whatever we have lying around but there are tons of healthy options out there).

Friday – Pizza + salad (we have friends coming over to do a secret Santa gift exchange so we opted to make it easy and order pizza but I’ll likely have mostly salad)

Saturday – Out to dinner

Sunday –TBD


Christmas came early this year!  And do you know why?…Because my husband is so NOT smooth.  He ordered my gift using MY Amazon account so OF COURSE, I get an email right away saying that my order is confirmed.  I knew instantly what happened.  It’s cool, I LOVED it (he also got me a Kindle, woo hoo!!)!!!  I can’t wait to run some long distances outdoors!


If you live in the Chicago area, you probably know a thing or two about TBOX (Twelve Bars of Xmas).  It’s a pub crawl where people dress up and everyone usually ends up quite drunk.  My friend Leslie’s husband was planning on going with my husband but she and I decided that binge drinking all day was not in the cards for us so we went shopping at this special event in Merchandise Mart instead.  Some cool things we saw along the way (magnet board for the office, wine rack & a chalkboard placemat for kids).


[thanks for the pictures Leslie!]

After shopping, this happened:


Then after our little champagne extravaganza, we met up with our husbands for some delicious Mexican fare.  Here is my hubby sporting his ugly sweater and santa hat, so festive!


Hope you guys are having a productive week!

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