Sweet circuit, overnight oats & photo dump

I did this circuit a bit ago and I’ve been meaning to share it because it was GOOD:

ImageIf you are new to the blogging community (like me), you will be in awe of overnight oats.  They are so easy and delicious.  Simply mix up equal parts of rolled oats, greet yogurt and almond milk then add half of a banana.  The next morning, it is ready for unlimited toppings (I prefer sunbutter and blueberries)!!!  Here’s a visual:

ImageWith the holidays, I haven’t really had time to blog or really even workout for that matter.

For Christmas, I went to south Florida to visit my family and friends.  There was a lot of eating and drinking involved and I only went running a couple of times #sobad.  But this week I am back on track!  I must admit, it is quite annoying to have so many people suddenly making a cameo at the gym come January (new year’s resolutions?), but I digress.

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions because to me, if you need to make a change make it NOW.  With that said, I totally respect people who do the whole resolution thing.  Hey, whatever gets you motivated is good with me 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, here is my photo dump from the last few weeks (hint: none of the pictures include working out, whoops!):

Image[From left: me, Melissa (my step-sister) & Davie (my step brother)…Melissa had a “Festivus” party and let’s just say, things got a little….funky]

Image[Me & the hubby having a drink right before my friends arrive…the day after Fesitvus…ouch!]

Image[My friends have arrived!!!…Me & two of my bestest besties.  From left: Iveline (pronounced “Eeeevelene”), Rachelle and duh! ME!]

Image[That little guy is Frank, Rachelle’s baby]

Image[Me & the hubs on NYE]

Image{And our NYE dates: the Frenks!]

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope you guys have a GREAT new year!!!!

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