Guest post and a yummy recipe

Have you ever fisted a bald chicken?  Be honest.  I should probably introduce myself first.  This is Bryan (Rachel’s ultra talented loving husband) and Rach asked that i contribute to her blog post every once in a while.  Back to why there is a bald chicken on my fist.  



Sunday night is a great time for me to display my culinary feats and also remind Rachel how lucky she is to have a husband who can cook.  Sunday’s dinner recipe was a whole roasted chicken.  Ultra healthy, super easy.  The best thing about this dish is that you can change the recipe every time you make it.  Rachel tells me too much garlic gives her gas, so I tend to leave that out.   But feel fee to alter some of the veggies depending on your personal bowel movements.

This is the before:


Ingredients: Whole Chicken, 1 lemon, rosemary, garlic, white onion, butter (optional), salt, carrots, and potatoes.  

Remove fist from chicken.  Cut the potatoes, carrots and throw them in the roasting pan.  Salt and pepper on top.  HOT sauce if you can handle it…


Cut the lemon in half and forcefully stuff the bird, throw in an onion as well (remove the giblets before stuffing your bird!).  Chop some garlic and melt some butter, combine in a bowl with rosemary.  Brush on the skin.  Add a generous amount of salt to the skin (this is where you get that bomb-ass skin).  Rub in the salt vigorously!  Caution: Under salt at your own risk!!  Please drink a glass of red wine throughout this process.


Bake at 425 until the bird reads 175 degrees.  Juices should run clear and will be soaked up by those delicious potatoes (fingerling, sweet, whatever works).  You should be on your 3rd glass of wine by now.

The after:


As you can see, we also served roasted brussels sprouts on the side.  I also usually whip together a avocado cilantro dressing to go with.  If Rachel lets me back on her blog, i will share that recipe next time.  

For now, i’m off like a prom dress.


6 thoughts on “Guest post and a yummy recipe

  1. I’m proud to have Bryan for a son-in-law! I also roasted a chicken about 2 weeks ago – I guess it runs in the family.

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