To do lists, (belated) photo dump and DOGS

Hello! I hope you guys enjoyed Bryan’s post!

If you know me, you know I like to make lists.  So, every day I try to make a little list of what I want to accomplish for that day.  Today’s list:


Item number 3 brings me here 😉

Anyway, this last week has been fairly uneventful.  We joined a kickball league and decided to practice before it started.  So on Saturday we did our thing.  Well, apparently kickball is no good for you if you’ve got a metal rod in your kicking ankle.  So, I have been left with a gimp ankle this whole week.  As such, my workouts looked like this:

Monday: 3 mile (turtle-paced) walk outside with dogs + husband

Tuesday: kick-ass spin class

Today: 25 minute elliptical + upper body/abs workout

Nothing to write home about, I know.

Here is a little photo dump for your viewing pleasure…

I’m running a 10k that benefits breast cancer on Monther’s Day and I got my bib in the mail (terrible picture, I know…pfft, husbands!).


On Saturday, Bryan & I went for a 4 mile run and then after, I rode my bike over to this cute vintage market to meet up with Leslie.




I REALLY liked that dresser but unfortunately, I am not currently in the market for one, sigh #firstworldproblems  On the bright side, champagne was involved!

Kickball with the Frenks on Sunday.



Post kickball



When I was in college, my dear friend (who was my roomie back then) got a Pug and named him Bruno.  WELL, the other day she sent me a picture of this cute little guy that I miss so much and he has a gray beard, just look!!!



I really can’t take his cuteness.  

THEN, the other day I was walking during lunch to meet up with my husband and look who I happened upon:

ImageThe one on the left is all like “excuse me, I am just drinking my water and waiting for the bus, nothing to see here!”

Ah, and just because, here’s a picture of my 3 main men chillaxin’



Hope you guys have a good rest of the week!

Any animal that simply makes you swoon?!?!?!



One thought on “To do lists, (belated) photo dump and DOGS

  1. Bruno rocks, I love that dog, I still feel bad about Iveline getting upset, but can you blame me (and other unnamed accomplice) for kidnapping him?

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