I think that is my favorite meme ever because it summarizes my personality quite well.

Lately, we have been trying to take Penny to do “outdoorsy” things while the weather still permits.

My mom came to visit last weekend so we took her to the park and had a nice walk around the shops in our area.

Hi mom!


We’ve also been out bike riding and to the various splash pads throughout the city.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to…







Penny’s new thing lately is that she insists on eating with utensils.  It makes mealtime real messy but it’s also good to know that she’s making progress toward being a real human being with proper manners.


Have you noticed that I haven’t talked about my workouts whatsoever?  That’s because they have been mostly non-existent.  I am really working toward changing that.  I have struggled to get myself out of bed in the morning and going to the gym after work means missing precious time with the little lady noted above.  Next week, I am going to try to start a routine where I do a run/workout DVD (taking a total of 20-30 minutes) Tuesdays and Thursdays after work then go to the regular gym Saturdays and Sundays.  Wish me luck!

I hope you guys have a fab weekend!

3 thoughts on “Outdoorsy

  1. She looks so big! Beautiful pictures. Regarding the workouts, check out fitsugar fitness videos. Most of them are 10 mins long and it’s the best thing to squeeze in an already busy schedule. I usually do two or three together when i have more time to burn. Otherwise just one makes me feel better compared to skipping a day. And they all are a solid workout that i feel the next day. I like to pick the workout the night before so i don’t waste time in the morning.

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