If you are Facebook or Instagram friends with me, you saw the news that Penny is going to be a big sister!


She can hardly contain her excitement!

In order to try and prepare her, I bought her a little baby doll and she will not put it down!!…above is exhibit A and below, exhibit B


Maybe this means she’ll love her little brother too?? I doubt that, at least at first.

Anyway, when I picked Penny up from daycare a couple weeks ago, they told me that she LOVES the arts and crafts stuff.  This made me feel like a terrible parent because I absolutely never do crafts with her but we’re trying to change that.



She looks like she’s having fun, right?

Last weekend we went to the Lincoln Park Fall Fest then dinner with 3 other couples and their kids…it was a bit crazy with so many kids but we all had an awesome time!  Once again, I failed with the picture taking so I only have 2 low quality pictures to show you…hey, it’s better than nothing!



I mean seriously, do the pictures get any worse than that?

4 thoughts on “Babies!!!

  1. Oh yay!!! Congratulations! Hugs to all three of you. Asha had the same doll and I swear she loved it too. It was great practice for Big Sisterhood. And speaking of bad pictures, at least you have those. On most days I forget to take any pictures. I need an extra set of hands to make that happen.

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