Little Trip to the Capitol

Happy holidays, ya’ll!!!

This is the time of year where I overstuff myself and swear that my diet starts on Monday..Come to think of it, that is my life in general regardless of the holidays.



So, as many of you may know, my family lives in South Florida and my husband’s family lives in New York so every year we alternate destinations for the holidays.  This year it was time to visit New York.  Since none of us has ever been to DC and since we don’t travel much these days, we thought it would be nice to fly to DC before taking a train to NY.  Overall, the DC trip was wonderful but rather exhausting as I am 25 week pregnant and there was lots of uphill walking involved.

So here are some photos…


We decided to allow her to watch cartoons on the flight to DC and she was completely entranced!  She was drooling and everything.  Mental note to only allow this sometimes.


We took Penny to the zoo and that was a big hit…she did her lion roar when she saw the lions.IMAG0533_1

We saw the White House then walked over to the National Tree (which was pathetic) and the Washington Monument.  I tried to get my husband to reenact the scene where Forest Gump is speaking and Jenny runs through the water toward him but he wasn’t game. Boo.IMAG0536_1

Obligatory Washington Monument selfie.  I thought about doing something a little more vulgar but I am trying to curb that behavior now that my daughter mimics everything I do. No fun.

We then took an Amtrak to New York where we are currently relaxing.

Penny was not happy on the train ride to New York.  We finally got her to sleep for the last hour of the trip which was nice.


She looks so angelic, right? WRONG! It took a lot of tears to get her to that point.  The terrible twos is a farce…try terrible one.point.fives.

Peace and love on this holiday, enjoy it people!

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