I am currently in Chicago sitting on my couch because it is far too cold/miserable/snowy to go out.  As you can infer from the title of this post, we took a trip to South Florida.  We spent a couple days on South Beach, just the three of us then spent the remainder of the trip in Fort Lauderdale visiting with family and friends.  To say that coming back to the cold and miserable weather was difficult would be a severe understatement.  It’s times like this that make me question my life choices.

At any rate, below are a few photos from the trip. [please forgive the low quality nature of these pictures; traveling with a toddler requires you to pack a ridiculous amount of shit* stuff so packing the big fancy camera was not going to happen and my phone sucks]

*I am really trying to work on my cursing…I have become one of those lame mothers that says “fiddlesticks” instead of the F-bomb.  Forgive me.

Let me start out by saying that spending time in South Beach was extremely different this time because I am pregnant with a toddler.  In past years (and growing up), a trip to South Beach always included an embarrassing amount of alcohol but this time, we actually got around to see what there was to offer, other than the bars.

We rented a little condo via AirBnB and Penny made herself right at home…


We  mostly walked along the beachfront, hit up the Lincoln Avenue Mall and spent time at the playgrounds they had.  I was pretty impressed!!!  We did spend a little time at the actual beach but not a ton since it was kinda chilly… [side note: we could spot the locals a mile away as they were the ones wearing puffy jackets in 65 degree weather, which I found to be humorous.  Was I like that too when I lived here?]


This is me taking a very important picture at the playground, can’t you tell how much fun Penny is having?:


If you look closely at the below picture, you can see a rash on the left side of Penny’s mouth.  We gave her some processed syrup on the first day (we usually give her organic agave or honey) and she had an allergic reaction to it!  She got a rash all over her butt, legs, hands, arms and face…that was fun.IMAG0617_1

Spotted: pregnant beached whale (I am about 33 weeks) on SoBeIMAG0620_1_1

And her pup.IMAG0631_1IMAG0641

I really slowed down with the picture taking as the trip wore on and these are the only 2 photos I took with the people that we went to visit.

Four generations:IMAG0637_1

My step-sister, Melissa.IMAG0644_1

And now, back to reality:


Sad Face.

2 thoughts on “SOUTH FLORIDA IS SO WARM!

  1. Questioning life choices…I’d say that sums up my life about right now as well. The moving company came today to give me a quote and “what the heck am I doing?” crossed my mind more than once. I love the photos! You look amazing. I’m glad you had a chance to escape the cold and bask in the sunshine. Now I must go take Stella for a walk. Do I need a jacket? It’s only 68 degrees and sunny here right now. 😎☀️➡️🙁❄️

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