35 weeks and throwing it back

35 weeks!!!! Everyone tells me “you are so close!!!” but I have to admit, 5 weeks feels so so so so far away.

35 weeks

This pregnancy has been giving me a run for my money.  I’ve felt crappy pretty much the entire time and my new thing is that I have frequent spells of lightheaded/dizziness and heart palpitations.  The worst is when I ride the train.  The train line that I take to and from work everyday is so crowded that I am lucky to even get on, let alone get a seat.  I told my doctor that I often feel like I’m going to faint on the train and she suggested that I work from home for the rest of my pregnancy.  Thank goodness my boss was cool with that!  Working from home is not the most ideal situation (I get lonely here all by myself all day!) but it beats fainting on a crowded and VERY dirty train!

Anyway, being so close to the end has me excited about having a new baby around which obviously led to me looking at pictures of Penny when she was super tiny and I thought I would share…


And look at her now!!!


Let’s just hope that she quickly adjusts to having a new baby around!

Happy almost weekend 🙂

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