A New Life

Wow, it has been a real long time since I posted anything here.  That can be explained by the fact that in the course of 10 months, I’ve had a baby, sold a condo in Chicago, quit my job, moved across the country to South Florida to live with my mother for 6 weeks (ALL FOUR OF US),moved again to our permanent residence and got a new job.  Whew, that was a lot in 10 months…basically a new life!

And although I really, really miss Chicago and all our friends there, life here has been pretty sweet here, too.

I mean, this was me in February of this year versus February of last year:


Look! I was even cold inside!

The move has been a big adjustment, I went from almost never driving to driving at least 1+ hour everyday.  Let’s not even talk about how crazy and awful the drivers are down here…in my first 2 months of living here, I got into a car accident.  So typical.

But overall, life is easier here with 2 kids.  Living with 2 kids in a big city has it’s challenges.  And of course, we see our family all the time which is priceless.



Now that I’m all settled, I am going to work on updating this space more often.

Until then, have a great week!