I am currently in Chicago sitting on my couch because it is far too cold/miserable/snowy to go out.  As you can infer from the title of this post, we took a trip to South Florida.  We spent a couple days on South Beach, just the three of us then spent the remainder of the trip in Fort Lauderdale visiting with family and friends.  To say that coming back to the cold and miserable weather was difficult would be a severe understatement.  It’s times like this that make me question my life choices.

At any rate, below are a few photos from the trip. [please forgive the low quality nature of these pictures; traveling with a toddler requires you to pack a ridiculous amount of shit* stuff so packing the big fancy camera was not going to happen and my phone sucks]

*I am really trying to work on my cursing…I have become one of those lame mothers that says “fiddlesticks” instead of the F-bomb.  Forgive me.

Let me start out by saying that spending time in South Beach was extremely different this time because I am pregnant with a toddler.  In past years (and growing up), a trip to South Beach always included an embarrassing amount of alcohol but this time, we actually got around to see what there was to offer, other than the bars.

We rented a little condo via AirBnB and Penny made herself right at home…


We  mostly walked along the beachfront, hit up the Lincoln Avenue Mall and spent time at the playgrounds they had.  I was pretty impressed!!!  We did spend a little time at the actual beach but not a ton since it was kinda chilly… [side note: we could spot the locals a mile away as they were the ones wearing puffy jackets in 65 degree weather, which I found to be humorous.  Was I like that too when I lived here?]


This is me taking a very important picture at the playground, can’t you tell how much fun Penny is having?:


If you look closely at the below picture, you can see a rash on the left side of Penny’s mouth.  We gave her some processed syrup on the first day (we usually give her organic agave or honey) and she had an allergic reaction to it!  She got a rash all over her butt, legs, hands, arms and face…that was fun.IMAG0617_1

Spotted: pregnant beached whale (I am about 33 weeks) on SoBeIMAG0620_1_1

And her pup.IMAG0631_1IMAG0641

I really slowed down with the picture taking as the trip wore on and these are the only 2 photos I took with the people that we went to visit.

Four generations:IMAG0637_1

My step-sister, Melissa.IMAG0644_1

And now, back to reality:


Sad Face.

Toddler in the tundra

Holy cow, it has been really cold this last week.  Last weekend, with the windchill factor, temps were gettin’ down to the negatives…NOT COOL.  I know, I know…nobody cares how cold the weather is!


BUT, when it is so cold, it is really hard to keep a toddler indoors and happy so, here is what we did to try and keep the babe entertained.

My good friend Devon has an indoor pool at her place so on Saturday morning, we took Penny and she HATED it!  The kid would not stop crying until we took her out!  Grrrr.


Epic. FAIL.

Being Chase employees affords us the privilege of visiting several local museums and other tourist hot spots for free so on Sunday we thought that maybe this child would enjoy the aquarium.  Thank goodness this was much more of a hit!  She loved walking around and pointing at various aquatic species and calling them all “fitch.”


Happy?  Maybe.IMAG0576_Fotor

This weekend the weather is supposed to be much more forgiving so I think we are going to get back to our regular routine of just walking around when she gets cabin fever.  It’s a lot less of a hassle!

Have a great weekend!

I’m working on it, okay?

Ever since I had Penny, I have really struggled to go to the gym regularly.  It’s damn near impossible for me to wake up early enough to workout, get her ready, get me ready, then drop her off at daycare before heading to work.  After work? FORGET IT!  So, I recently tried my hand at going during lunch and it has actually been going well!!!  Obviously, time is a factor so I try to keep the workouts at 30 minutes so I have enough time to get there, change and come back (round trip, it takes me about 1 hour and 20 minutes).  In order to make this work, I try to go at least 4 days and I do 2 days of just cardio and 2 days of a tough 30 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) set.  Here is what I’ve done the last several days:

Thursday/Friday of last week: 30 minute AMRAP of the below


Monday: Cardio only – 15 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes on treadmill

Tuesday: I did this [HARD] leg & butt workout from Pumps and Iron (note: I could only do it once through so I added some abs at the end instead)

Wednesday: I failed my 1 hour glucose test so I had to do the 3 hour test this day…naturally, I skipped the gym since I felt completely dehydrated and awful ALL DAY.

Thursday (today): Pumps and Iron came through for me again with this arms/core workout

Friday: I plan on doing cardio, probably the elliptical and stair master

This pregnancy has allowed me to workout uninterrupted which is nice.  When I was pregnant with Penny, I had a low-lying placenta so I wasn’t able to workout for a large portion of my pregnancy.  This time around has been much more stress-free!  CHEERS TO THAT!  However, I will say that I think I am larger this time around…

This is me at 28 weeks when I was pregnant with Penny:

28 Weeks(1)

Me at 28 weeks right now:


On second thought, after looking at it on the same page, I guess I’m not really that much bigger lol.  Sorry about the black and white picture but I had to do that so I would look less haggard.

That’s all I’ve got for now but here are a couple Penny pics because she’s my favorite


Little Trip to the Capitol

Happy holidays, ya’ll!!!

This is the time of year where I overstuff myself and swear that my diet starts on Monday..Come to think of it, that is my life in general regardless of the holidays.



So, as many of you may know, my family lives in South Florida and my husband’s family lives in New York so every year we alternate destinations for the holidays.  This year it was time to visit New York.  Since none of us has ever been to DC and since we don’t travel much these days, we thought it would be nice to fly to DC before taking a train to NY.  Overall, the DC trip was wonderful but rather exhausting as I am 25 week pregnant and there was lots of uphill walking involved.

So here are some photos…


We decided to allow her to watch cartoons on the flight to DC and she was completely entranced!  She was drooling and everything.  Mental note to only allow this sometimes.


We took Penny to the zoo and that was a big hit…she did her lion roar when she saw the lions.IMAG0533_1

We saw the White House then walked over to the National Tree (which was pathetic) and the Washington Monument.  I tried to get my husband to reenact the scene where Forest Gump is speaking and Jenny runs through the water toward him but he wasn’t game. Boo.IMAG0536_1

Obligatory Washington Monument selfie.  I thought about doing something a little more vulgar but I am trying to curb that behavior now that my daughter mimics everything I do. No fun.

We then took an Amtrak to New York where we are currently relaxing.

Penny was not happy on the train ride to New York.  We finally got her to sleep for the last hour of the trip which was nice.


She looks so angelic, right? WRONG! It took a lot of tears to get her to that point.  The terrible twos is a farce…try terrible one.point.fives.

Peace and love on this holiday, enjoy it people!

All books everyTHANG

Books Mind MOvies

I have been on a MAJOR reading kick lately…In the last couple of weeks, I have read the following books: Circling the Sun, All the Bright Places, Boston Girl and now I’m currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like to read but usually I don’t read this much!  I am attributing it to the fact that the library has had some great Kindle books become available (usually the waiting list is months-long) so I’m trying to take advantage.  #freebooksbitches !!!

As it turns out, I am not the only one!  Penny has been “reading” her books more than she plays with her toys so the other day, we decided to take her to Barnes and Noble, which she LOVED!


I imagine we’ll be taking a lot of trips to the bookstore and library this winter.

Here she is in action at the doctor’s office:


What a miracle, my 18 month old daughter can read!

In other news (but also along the same lines), we are trying to make room in Penny’s nursery for another crib.  Currently, we have this bookshelf that also doubles as a diaper changing table up against the window…


We are planning to get rid of this and put the 2nd crib up against the window so this past weekend we worked on removing the books (hence why it’s empty).  [Eventually, the diaper changing area will move to the dresser.]

I found these great space-saving DIY book ledges online via Classy Clutter and decided that we* would build these ledges!

*By “we” I mean that my husband built and installed the ledges and I painted them (team work, people!).


There are 3 pictured but we actually built 4 of them.  I was rather pleased with how they came out!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

City rats go to the suburbs

It’s almost Friday!!!!!  I have had a very long week so I am very much looking forward to this weekend.

Admittedly, we do not get out of the city much.  With how bad traffic is around Chicago and the fact that Penelope hates her car seat after 5 minutes, there really isn’t much of an incentive to get in the car and drive.  But last weekend, we made an exception.  We went to Goebbert’s Farm, which was about 45 minutes away (without traffic…on the way home, it took much longer…grrrr).  Everyone agreed that it was worth the trip out there for the petting zoo alone.  Here are a couple pictures from our crazy adventure out into the suburbs.

IMG_1980 IMG_1988



In other news, I have actually gotten better about working out and eating somewhat healthy.  I’ve been plagued by headaches this pregnancy and cutting sugar from my diet seems to have helped a little.  This afternoon, I completed the following workout:

Jog/walk x 25 minutes followed by…

3 Rounds of:

wall sits w/ bicep curls x 15
squat jumps w/ overhead press x 15
plank x 40 seconds
Russian Twists x 15
Push-ups x 10
Step-ups x 10

It was one of the better workouts that I’ve done in a while and I’m hoping to keep the trend going into the weekend!


If you are Facebook or Instagram friends with me, you saw the news that Penny is going to be a big sister!


She can hardly contain her excitement!

In order to try and prepare her, I bought her a little baby doll and she will not put it down!!…above is exhibit A and below, exhibit B


Maybe this means she’ll love her little brother too?? I doubt that, at least at first.

Anyway, when I picked Penny up from daycare a couple weeks ago, they told me that she LOVES the arts and crafts stuff.  This made me feel like a terrible parent because I absolutely never do crafts with her but we’re trying to change that.



She looks like she’s having fun, right?

Last weekend we went to the Lincoln Park Fall Fest then dinner with 3 other couples and their kids…it was a bit crazy with so many kids but we all had an awesome time!  Once again, I failed with the picture taking so I only have 2 low quality pictures to show you…hey, it’s better than nothing!



I mean seriously, do the pictures get any worse than that?