Half marathon training plan and FROYO (is bad for you)

Is it REALLY only Wednesday?  

The weather in Chicago is finally shaping up and I am stuck in the office (good weather = not good motivation to get actual work done).

Because of said weather, the rooftop opened up and I have been spending some time up there drinking vino and enjoying the weather.  Here is a terrible shot of the city from my little perch:


Anyway, if you guys know me IRL, you know that I have been bitching and moaning a little upset about my ankle pain.  I have had my eye on the Zooma Chicago Half Marathon for quite some time.  I mean HELLO, I even developed my own training plan (based on various plans I’ve seen on the internet).  However, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it because of this pesky ankle pain.  I had ORIF ankle surgery a few years ago and my ankle has never been the same.  Of course, I took to Google to find out what my options are.  As it turns out, the term is referred to as “hardware-related pain” and many people opt to have the hardware removed (which can lead to 100% pain improvement).  If my ankle is not feeling any better by the end of this week, I am going to see an orthopedic surgeon to get his/her thoughts.  Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I thought I would share my training plan for those of you who might be interested in running a half marathon this summer.

ImageI think cross training should include a combination of spinning, swimming, weightlifting, and anything else that your little heart desires.

The other day, I was spending some time on Women’s Health Mag’s website and came across this little visual about the calorie content for various froyo toppings:

ImageApparently, froyo is not very good for you after all (assuming you go nuts with the toppings which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?)!

And just for fun, I thought I would share this photo that one of my besties sent me:


I am thankful for all my wonderful girlfriends.  I just wish ALL of them lived closer to me!

Do your besties live nearby or are they scattered around the world?  

-I’ve got most of my besties living far away from me: New York, PARIS! and Fort Lauderdale




To do lists, (belated) photo dump and DOGS

Hello! I hope you guys enjoyed Bryan’s post!

If you know me, you know I like to make lists.  So, every day I try to make a little list of what I want to accomplish for that day.  Today’s list:


Item number 3 brings me here 😉

Anyway, this last week has been fairly uneventful.  We joined a kickball league and decided to practice before it started.  So on Saturday we did our thing.  Well, apparently kickball is no good for you if you’ve got a metal rod in your kicking ankle.  So, I have been left with a gimp ankle this whole week.  As such, my workouts looked like this:

Monday: 3 mile (turtle-paced) walk outside with dogs + husband

Tuesday: kick-ass spin class

Today: 25 minute elliptical + upper body/abs workout

Nothing to write home about, I know.

Here is a little photo dump for your viewing pleasure…

I’m running a 10k that benefits breast cancer on Monther’s Day and I got my bib in the mail (terrible picture, I know…pfft, husbands!).


On Saturday, Bryan & I went for a 4 mile run and then after, I rode my bike over to this cute vintage market to meet up with Leslie.




I REALLY liked that dresser but unfortunately, I am not currently in the market for one, sigh #firstworldproblems  On the bright side, champagne was involved!

Kickball with the Frenks on Sunday.



Post kickball



When I was in college, my dear friend (who was my roomie back then) got a Pug and named him Bruno.  WELL, the other day she sent me a picture of this cute little guy that I miss so much and he has a gray beard, just look!!!



I really can’t take his cuteness.  

THEN, the other day I was walking during lunch to meet up with my husband and look who I happened upon:

ImageThe one on the left is all like “excuse me, I am just drinking my water and waiting for the bus, nothing to see here!”

Ah, and just because, here’s a picture of my 3 main men chillaxin’



Hope you guys have a good rest of the week!

Any animal that simply makes you swoon?!?!?!



What I ate Wednesday and my favorite memes

Hey, hey!

Doesn’t moving suck?

I spent my Saturday biking through the West Loop looking for potential places to live, but once I looked online I found that these apartments are expensive.  I’m talking like $2,500 a month for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, expensive.  Ouch.

Here is a money shot of the city:

ImageI also saw this strange (and large) door with a monster peeking out, RANDOM…

ImageLike, wtf IS that?!?!? I digress…

Anyway, my best girlfriends and I have decided that first, they will make a trip to Chicago in May and then we will all make a trip to NYC in July.  The July trip will involve me hanging out by the pool with a bunch of models whilst in my bikini so I decided to start an online weight loss challenge to prepare for this mortifying super fun event.  

With the challenge in full swing, I have been keeping a close eye on what I eat.  Today looked like this…

Breakfast: Spinach, carrot, banana, pineapple smoothie (est. 180 calories)

ImageLunch was a salad with spinach (again, ugh), walnuts, carrot sticks, beets and bleu cheese dressing (est. 400 calories)

ImageSnacks: fat free cottage cheese with 3 strawberries and a red anjou pear (est. 230 calories)

ImageDinner was Kath’s Slow Cooker Chicken served with avocado, cilantro and sweet potato + kale on the side (est. 500 calories).  I didn’t take a picture because hers would put my pictures to shame.

Daily totals amounted to about 1,300 calories.  Since I worked out, this should be o-okay.

Whenever I am on a diet, this is what I’m constantly thinking about…


I don’t know why, but some of these internet memes get me every. single. time.  Here are a few of my favorites.









 GUYS! I am cracking up as I post this!!!!

Do you have any internet memes that make you die laughing?!?!?!

Getting back on track

Happy hump day!

I hope you all are having a fantabulous (yes, that’s a word) week!

I, for one, am not.  I have not been so good in terms of eating (and drinking) healthy.  I’ve been really good about working out but we all know that’s only part of the equation.

I forget where I read this, but I got the idea to put a calendar that signifies how you are doing with your diet and exercise plan.  Here is what mine looks like thus far:

ImageYou basically mark off each day with either green or red.  Obviously, red means you have not been doing so hot.  Considering all the red on my calendar of late, it looks like I need to get back on track.  

Truth be told, there has been a lot of this going on:


Soooo, this morning, I prepped for my day by making sure I had only healthful foods with me.  This is how the layout looked…

ImageI want to take a moment to talk about the carrot juice.  I found it in the store for only $4.00 and I thought it would be great for my morning smoothies.  The nutrition facts are pretty legit.  Note that the only ingredient is “carrot juice”…SCORE!

ImageI won’t lie, the first smoothie I made (spinach, pineapple, carrot juice) tasted kinda disgusting weird.  BUT, the next day (today), I added half a banana and it was delicious!  I suggest you guys give it a whirl because I had tons of energy after drinking it!

Let’s switch gears and talk about my weekend for a moment because it was pretty solid.

My friend, Indira told me about this running group hosted by Lululemon.  The running group starts at 7:30 AM on Saturday and they run for 65 minutes.  The run is followed by yoga inside the store!  Well, we were about 2 minutes late and the group left so we just did 4 miles on our own and made it back in time for yoga.  We’re planning on making it on time this week 🙂

On Sunday, the weather here in Chicago was AMAZE-BALLS so early in the morning, I got in a quick workout and then we went to go see the cubs!  Short hair, don’t care…

Image[you can follow me on Insty via @sweethanrahan]

I think I did something to my left hamstring so my workouts have not been anything to write home about.  I did do Jillian Michaels’ 6 week 6 pack (level 2) and that thing was TOUGH.  But other than that, I’ve just been milking the elliptical and lifting weights.

In case you are on the fence about the Jillian Michaels’ workout DVDs, I strongly suggest buying them.  They are cheap, quick, effective and perfect for when the gym sounds miserable.  

How cute is this lil’ guy?


Any workout videos you can suggest?





I run for the champagne

Ahhhh, Monday, how I loathe thee.

This Monday was especially painful because of how tired I was from this crazy weekend.  I swear, I feel like I hardly took a break at all the last 2 days.  So, here is a little recap…

Friday night I just went out to dinner with the hubby because I knew the rest of the weekend was going to be jam-packed.

Saturday morning started off with a trip to the gym.  Since I was going to be running an 8k on Sunday, I took it somewhat easy: 20 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stair-stepper followed by back/abs strength session.  After the gym, I headed over to Michael’s for this little DIY project that was inspired by my friend, Leslie.

ImageI tend to kill plants so cacti are perfect for me.

After Michael’s I picked up my race packet and got my teeth whitened, sexy right?

My husband and I got so tired that this had to happen:



Note the straw.  Apparently, according to the teeth whitening people (what else would you have me call them?), we had to avoid pretty much all alcoholic drinks for 3 days but that using a straw makes it okay (thank GOODNESS!!!).

Race day gear ready to go…


Sunday started off like-so:



Soooo many people, holy moly.  I thought it was really cool that the winner of The Biggest Loser 2013 was there.


The actual race could have been better.  I had an unpleasant bout of diarrhea right before the race (too much?) so I was really dehydrated and felt like crap for most of the time.

ImageOverall, for me I did a-okay.

After the race was over, I had a nice little brunch with my friend, Indira (she ran too!) then met up with my husband for some bike riding on the lakefront.  Aaaand then, THIS happened!



What can I say, I run for the champagne!

Money shot:



Random question: If you saw a meetup group in your city named Bitches, Booze and Books, would you consider joining?




Killer circuit and this weekends’ activities


You’ve been warned.

Hola amigos, how has your weekend been going?

Mine hasn’t been so bad.  Although, I must admit, I’ve been pretty sore from the past weeks’ workouts, the hardest one being….

Started off with a quick mile on the dreadmill followed by this:

ImageThis killed me.  End of story.

Moving on to the more fun stuff 🙂

Saturday, I decided to betty crocker it up and make this delicious breakfast:

ImageEgg whites with tomato, spinach, avocado and jalepeno.  Served with a side of turkey sausage, wheat bread + cream cheese & sugar free jelly and a spinach/pineapple/banana smoothie.  YUM!

After breakfast, I had to head to the west loop to feed my friends’ cats (friends are in China) which was about 3 miles round trip.  Their cats are BIG.  

Heeeeyyyy Gar-Bear [his name is Gary]…


On the way back I forced my husband to take a pic, he’s clearly thrilled.


Anyway, after running back, we spent some time riding bikes because the weather here in Chi-town is finally starting to look like spring (even though it took 800 million years).

Today we ran a few errands then went to watch the Gators lose.  For some reason I thought it would be appropriate to record my outfit into the history books.  


Clearly, I like the color blue.

See, I told you.  You’ll never get that 5 minutes back.

Hope you all had an amazing Easter!!!!





Morning routine and photo dump

Happy Sunday!  I have been MIA for the last few weeks because I went to Asia!!!  Guys, the trip was amazing, I went to Hong Kong and Bangkok and it was an unforgettable experience.  Being on vacation for so long made me realize that I don’t like work.  At all.  Anyway, as you may know, I work in Finance and the hours get pretty crazy.  So, because of that, I’ve attempted to fit my workouts in before I go to work.  My typical morning looks something like this:

5:15 – get up and go workout (usually upstairs but sometimes across the street at the gym)

6:30 – Hop in the shower then sit on the couch to drink coffee and watch the news

7:30 – Make breakfast and lunch, blow dry my hair, get dressed

8:15 – Head out the door

Waking up that early can definitely be a challenge but in the morning, I try to remind myself that it could be a late night in the office and I would be so pissed at my morning self for skipping.  That usually helps to get me out of bed 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all are having a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Here in Chicago, we typically celebrate the Saturday before which means we over imbibed had a couple drinks yesterday and watched the river get dyed green.  Here are a couple of pictures from the day…

ImageThe highlights of my workouts this week were as follows:

Monday through Wednesday I mostly focused on getting back to my routine so I really just ran.

Thursday, I did this circuit: Image

Friday I ran 3 miles then did Jillian Michael’s 30-day Shred (Level 2).  That workout is NO JOKE!

Here are a couple of photos from my Asia trip:

ImageBig Buddha (HK)

ImageKowloon Harbour at Night (HK)

ImageTemple Street Night Market (HK)

ImageGrand Palace (Bangkok)…My husband had to rent these pants to cover his legs (he was wearing shorts and they’re not allowed in the temples).

ImageFloating Market (Bangkok) <— my favorite thing we did on the whole trip!

ImageSkytrain (Bangkok)

ImageJust beacause.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!

Any vacations you have taken recently or plan to take in the future?


Weekly planning, early Christmas and SHOPPING

I am trying diligently to make sure I plan out my workouts and meals for each week.  I’m usually pretty good about planning my dinners, but not so much with lunch (I usually try to make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch the next day).

This week’s planned (completed) workouts look like this:


This week’s dinners are (were) as follows:

Monday – My husband made some chicken stew, not sure how he made it, but it was so yum

Tuesday – I made this awesome sausage & leek casserole but I used a lot of lower calorie options as substitutes (turkey sausage, wheat bread, egg whites, low fat cheese, etc.).  Even with the substitutes, it was DELICIOUS.

Wednesday – Steak with Brussels sprouts, salad and black beans

Thursday – Stuffed peppers (I’m just going to throw together whatever we have lying around but there are tons of healthy options out there).

Friday – Pizza + salad (we have friends coming over to do a secret Santa gift exchange so we opted to make it easy and order pizza but I’ll likely have mostly salad)

Saturday – Out to dinner

Sunday –TBD


Christmas came early this year!  And do you know why?…Because my husband is so NOT smooth.  He ordered my gift using MY Amazon account so OF COURSE, I get an email right away saying that my order is confirmed.  I knew instantly what happened.  It’s cool, I LOVED it (he also got me a Kindle, woo hoo!!)!!!  I can’t wait to run some long distances outdoors!


If you live in the Chicago area, you probably know a thing or two about TBOX (Twelve Bars of Xmas).  It’s a pub crawl where people dress up and everyone usually ends up quite drunk.  My friend Leslie’s husband was planning on going with my husband but she and I decided that binge drinking all day was not in the cards for us so we went shopping at this special event in Merchandise Mart instead.  Some cool things we saw along the way (magnet board for the office, wine rack & a chalkboard placemat for kids).


[thanks for the pictures Leslie!]

After shopping, this happened:


Then after our little champagne extravaganza, we met up with our husbands for some delicious Mexican fare.  Here is my hubby sporting his ugly sweater and santa hat, so festive!


Hope you guys are having a productive week!

Chicago’s Perfect 10(k)

So I ran my first 10k!!! Woooo…sort of.  Let’s start from the beginning.

Pre-race, I made sure I laid out all my gear and had coffee ready.  This blend rocks!!


I got there about 30 minutes early so I could be sure I had enough time to check my gear.  The weather was PERFECT (about 55 degrees) so it got started off right.  Well, then they announced that the race was going to be 30 minutes late because of Chicago parking issues…Duh! Of COURSE there is going to be issues, this is Chicago, GET HERE EARLY!  Anyway, I digress…

As you can see below, there was a good amount of people running the race but apparently, a lot of them didn’t get the memo to line up in your pace corral.  This made it SO hard to pass people (and I’m SLOW)!!!


I started off ok and was feeling good, until my knee started to bother (around mile 2.5).  My knee hurt the whole time (I sprained it about 2 months ago and it hasn’t really been right since) so I spent most of the time thinking about that.  But I was not going to be deterred into stopping!  So, I did end up running the whole thing with a pace that is great for me (about 9:55) so all-in-all, it was a success.

I look soooo miserable happy!  (Side Note: My eyes LOOK closed but they are so small that believe it or not, they are actually open)


My knee has been bugging me since the race so I am going to take about 2-3 weeks off from running (waaah!) so that it can heal.  I bought this ice pack for $4.35…bam!


Even though I’m not running, I am still working out.  Today I did 5 sets of the following:

7 minutes on the elliptical (various levels)

10 push-ups

10 squats

10 jump squats

20 sit-ups.

It was a good one!!!

Tequila and Running do NOT Mix

Don’t get me wrong, last night was alotta fun…BUT, perhaps I had a tad too much tequila?  I had one shot but I think it was one shot too many.

So, as you can imagine, peeling myself out of bed to go running was not at the top of my list of things that I want to do today.  

Here is me wondering whether running is the best idea right now:


It was a slow 4.5 miles partially because I was hungover and partially because it was WINDY.  Not just windy, but WINDY.  

Here are the boys before and after my run.


Someday I will learn to stop taking blurry pictures with my iPhone, someday.

In other news, Halloween is upon us!  I don’t think I am going to dress up because I just can’t envision myself going out drinking AGAIN tonight (barf).  But I did do a little bit of decorating.  


I tried to draw a toothy smile but my marker ran out of ink.  #firstworldproblems.


Mini pumpkin!

I know what you are thinking and no, Martha Stewart did not do this for me.

Anyone else dressing up and going out on the town tonight?