Why I’ve been MIA and yesterday’s workout

Hi there!  It’s been a while, no?

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, let me break it down for ya…


That’s right! Baby Hanrahan is on the way!  Which means I have been feeling like total dog-shit.  I’ve been eating like I weigh 300 pounds and my workouts have been less than stellar.  On top of it all, my work-life has been nuts-O…So as you can probably imagine, blogging has honestly been the last thing on the planet I’ve felt like doing.

I’m hoping things will soon take a turn for the better…Onward and upward Tobias!

As you can see by the pictures below, I’m not really showing just yet, but I think it’s safe to say that it will begin to look obvious quite soon.  As of now, I think all the cookies, pizza and everything else is what’s producing the slight bulge…

12 Weeks13 Weeks 14 Weeks


In terms of my workouts, they have slowed down quite a bit.  I won’t lie, I can feel my fitness slipping away and it is something that I’m struggling to cope with because of how hard I worked for it.

However, I am still working out and I wanted to share with you the workout I did yesterday because I thought it was pretty good given how quick it was.  I started off with about 20 minutes of cardio (I think I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the stair climber), followed by 4 rounds of this:

1. Burpees with pushups x10

2. Russian twists x10 (15 pound medicine ball)

3. Kettleball swings x15 (20 pounds)

4. Plank jacks x30 seconds

5. Static lunge w/ overhead press x 10 (10 pound dumbbells, alternate your leg each round)

6. Vee-ups x10

That’s all I’ve got folks!  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Outdoor workout and I <3 NYC

Happy Monday friends!


I know, I know…Mondays suck.  But just think: if we had no Mondays, there would be no Fridays.

I have been MIA of late because there has been a lot going on.  Rather than bore you with the details, I thought I would share an outdoor workout + some pictures from my recent bender trip to NYC.


I’m not usually one to take my workouts outside because it is always either too hot or too cold for me but this Saturday, it was perfect!


For the farmer’s walk, the field I worked out in had weighted sandbags that were easily 50 pounds so that’s what I used.  However, if you do not have access to weights, you can replace that bit with burpees or any other move of your choice.

This was me after the fact:


The dogs came out and did a couple of sprints with me which really exhausted them, win!


Last weekend, I made my way to NYC!  Boy, New York never disappoints so I thought I would give you a little recap of the weekend.

Friday Leslie & I landed at 10:30 PM so it was supposed to be a “chill” evening.  Not so much.  We ended up going to the Gansevoort rooftop (my friend’s husband owns the hotel so that’s where we spent a lot of time, fun!), got home at 4:30 AM and scarfed down some pizza (who am I???).


[from left: Me, Rachelle, Leslie]

Saturday we took a trip out to Brooklyn to go to the flea market but it was so hot that we didn’t stay for very long.  Saturday night was a hot mess blast.  I will spare you pictures from that night but let’s just say that it’s nights like those that make me very nervous about what pictures will surface on the interwebs.  It was another late night!  We got home around 5:30 AM, whoa!

Then Sunday was the rooftop pool party, followed by “cowboys and indians” themed bingo at the Standard Hotel.

Image[from left: Leslie, Miguel, Me, Iveline, Kristy]Image



Indian face paint!!



Karan is such a goof, I love it!

Fun times were had all around.  Thank you to everyone who made this weekend unforgettable!  I love you all!