Some meals and a quick workout

Hi friends!  Can you believe it’s already almost FALL?!?!  I am more of a “glass is half empty” type of gal so this just makes me sad because it means that winter is right around the corner…


Aaaanyway, since my life has been somewhat boring uneventful, I thought I would share today’s sweaty little workout and some pictures of the food I’ve been eating.  This is really exciting stuff people, I know.  But hey, you can’t say I didn’t warn you that this post would be a complete waste of time.

So yea, let’s get to it!

Today’s workout:

20 minutes on the elliptical followed by this circuit…

Bicep curl + wall sit x 15 (I used 12 lb dumbbells)
45 second plank
Kettleball swings x 15 (I used 20 lb KB)
Alt. standing side crunch x 30 (20 lb KB)*
30 second plank jacks + 30 second mountain climbers

Repeat circuit 3x (for a total of 4 rounds)

*Here is a visual of the standing side crunches



I’ve been dropping the ball when it comes to using my fancy-dancy camera but here’s a look-see at the pictures I did manage to take over the last couple of weeks.  [Side note: it’s pretty pathetic that the ONLY pictures I’ve taken involve food but nobody is perfect]


Smoked salmon and cream cheese frittata (recipe HERE) with watermelon salad and roasted sweet potatoes


Eggs scrambled with avocado, onions and red pepper.  Topped with hot sauce and served with a side of banana + pineapple


Brown sugar coated salmon (baked) served with a loaded sweet potato and roasted broccoli


This lunch was nothing special but it was healthy, easy and filling –> grilled chicken with spinach, wheat berries and sweet potatoes


Salad topped with figs, goat cheese, walnuts, sweet potato (ermahgerd, someone likes sweet potatoes!), balsamic vinegar and olive oil


Grilled chicken wrap with spinach, wheat berries, tomatoes, avocado and honey mustard


Homemade pizza + strawberry salad


Peach crisp from Run Eat Repeat (best served with a side of Light Cool Whip ;))

That’s all I’ve got folks!

Anyone have any vacations coming up (or anything that is exciting, in general)?

-I’m a bored little person over here so I don’t have anything coming up, waaah!

Some leg workouts and Pinterest is awesome

Hi there everyone!  I have really been slacking in terms of lifting weights so naturally I took to Pinterest to get some ideas for workouts.

So I thought I would share some of the more appealing leg workouts that I came across the other day…







I must admit that I am quite addicted to Pinterest.  At first, I was kind of bummed that my company disallowed it at work but now I am quite thankful; I would get NOTHING done!

I mean, they’ve got everything under the sun on that thing…recipes, interior design, fashion (one of my faves), fitness and the list goes on!   AWESOME!

Anyway, on Saturday, I wrote up this little total body workout but my ankle is still bothering me so I didn’t want to push it.  I thought I would share it with you guys anyway.

ImageSpeaking of my ankle, I think I’ve found a solution in terms of kickball…I’ll be “batting” lefty!!!  I did it on Sunday and it went totally fine, which I was very happy about 🙂

If you try my workout, let me know how it goes!

Do you use Pinterest for any particular thing more than any others?

I look at fashion the most.  This girl can takes all the help she can get in that department!

Sweet circuit, overnight oats & photo dump

I did this circuit a bit ago and I’ve been meaning to share it because it was GOOD:

ImageIf you are new to the blogging community (like me), you will be in awe of overnight oats.  They are so easy and delicious.  Simply mix up equal parts of rolled oats, greet yogurt and almond milk then add half of a banana.  The next morning, it is ready for unlimited toppings (I prefer sunbutter and blueberries)!!!  Here’s a visual:

ImageWith the holidays, I haven’t really had time to blog or really even workout for that matter.

For Christmas, I went to south Florida to visit my family and friends.  There was a lot of eating and drinking involved and I only went running a couple of times #sobad.  But this week I am back on track!  I must admit, it is quite annoying to have so many people suddenly making a cameo at the gym come January (new year’s resolutions?), but I digress.

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions because to me, if you need to make a change make it NOW.  With that said, I totally respect people who do the whole resolution thing.  Hey, whatever gets you motivated is good with me 🙂

Anyway, without further ado, here is my photo dump from the last few weeks (hint: none of the pictures include working out, whoops!):

Image[From left: me, Melissa (my step-sister) & Davie (my step brother)…Melissa had a “Festivus” party and let’s just say, things got a little….funky]

Image[Me & the hubby having a drink right before my friends arrive…the day after Fesitvus…ouch!]

Image[My friends have arrived!!!…Me & two of my bestest besties.  From left: Iveline (pronounced “Eeeevelene”), Rachelle and duh! ME!]

Image[That little guy is Frank, Rachelle’s baby]

Image[Me & the hubs on NYE]

Image{And our NYE dates: the Frenks!]

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope you guys have a GREAT new year!!!!

Friendsgiving, The Flu and Bouncing Back

This week has been busy/hectic/rough.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Last Sunday marked the Frenks’ Second Annual Friendsgiving…We had a total of 7 people and everyone brought/made a dish.  Let me tell you, we had TONS AND TONS of food + wine.  Here is a pictorial recap of the evening:

ImageGuys + gals on the left and the lovely couple on the right hosted it…Thanks guys!!!ImageAfter dinner, we capped off the night with drinking Jenga…terrible idea on a Sunday night before work.



Brendan pulled the block that said “head-to-table for one round.”



On Monday, I felt AWFUL…I thought it was simply the price to pay for such an awesome/fun/wonderful/alcohol-infused night but alas, it was the flu.  I was sick pretty much until Friday (yes, I was sick during Thanksgiving).  It was a little rough at first because my in-laws came to Chicago to visit but I was able to still have a good time with them and by Friday, I felt pretty much back to my old self.  With that said, being sick and working out don’t really seem to mix.  I tried to workout on Thanksgiving but it was extremely hard.

So, today I was finally able to do my usual workout which looked a little something like this:

30 minutes on the elliptical followed by…



I was supposed to do 3 rounds but ended up only doing 2 because apparently, if you don’t workout for a week, you’re a little slow to bounce back.

BUT, I am ready for the week!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! 🙂