One Productive Mama!

Yesterday was so PRODUCTIVE.

I started my morning off by cleaning the apartment…so much fun, right?

Then I ran 5 miles averaging about 10:30 per mile, which is pretty good for me.  Scooby wanted to come with me but I had to explain to him that his legs are too short for longish runs.  Sorry buddy.Image

Check out the view at mile 3…


After my run I took a quick shower and went shopping! Yay!!  I got some pretty sweet deals, including this little number:Image

The Gators played the Gamecocks (and kicked their butts!) so before meeting up with the gang at Sully’s (Chicago’s gator bar), I made this awesome salad.  Artisan lettuce, walnuts, chopped up apple, chopped up figs, gorgonzola, drizzled honey and olive oil.  DELISH! Image

I contemplated getting these pillows for my couch but Bryan said it would be a bit much, but maybe I’ll convince him to buy them next time (once he is good and drunk).  It’s a terrible picture (after all, we were in a dark bar), but you get the point.Image

I thought it was ironic that there was this body shaping place across the street from the bar.  We all agreed that after drinking so many calories in beer, we should definitely hit up this place after.Image

Quote of the day “I always notice that you are losing weight because your boobs get smaller.”  Thanks honey but I was hoping something along the lines of “I always notice you are losing weight because your BUTT gets smaller.”  Ah, the joys of marriage!Image

Anyone else have a productive Saturday?


Weekend Rewind + This Week’s Goals

Saturday night we were having some people over to watch the Gator football game so I knew it was going to be a busy day! 

My original plan was to run outside for about 50 minutes or so but the weather was not cooperating.  It doesn’t look like it in this picture but it was quite chilly and rainy here in Chicago ALL WEEKEND.

The Bean!


I am not a big fan of doing long runs on the treadmill so instead of running for 50 minutes on the treadmill, I did 35 on the TM in my upstairs gym and then I tried out one of those “Insanity” workouts; it was a pretty decent workout!  I might actually invest in a couple of the videos 🙂

After working out, I hit up the grocery store, got ready and spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen.  The gals that came over are vegetarian and the guys, not…so I was sure to make an assortment of different types of food.  The menu was as follows:

Baked eggplant parmesan


Veggie pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Guacamole dip and hummus with veggies & chips (pictured below)


I was a total loser and only took one picture of the food, I guess I got all caught up in the act of cooking!  I thought the night was a success with there being plenty of food (with somewhat healthy options), great friends, and an awesome game to top it off!!!  I know you guys are very concerned so yes, yes the Gators did win (and are now ranked #3 woo hoo)!


I suck at taking pictures so even though this one is all blurry/grainy, I am proud of myself for remembering to take it!

This week has gotten off to a shaky start with me having to work late yesterday so here is a snapshot of this week’s goals:

Monday: Run for 35, bike for 15 (check!)

Tuesday: 6 rounds of the following: 1/2 mile run, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 sit-ups

Wednesday: 40-50 minute run in the morning

Thursday: Strength training

Friday: off

Saturday: TBD

Sunday: Elliptical for 30 minutes, body works + abs class

Hopefully my work schedule doesn’t get in the way!!!

Gainesville, Gators and Playing Catch-up

Boy have I been busy!!!  This past weekend I went to Gainesville for the LSU/UF game and since I’ve come home, it’s been nothing but non-stop!

I’ll start from the beginning…

The night before I left for Gainesville I made this delicious recipe that I found on the Carrots N Cake blog:

Chicken sausage, sweet potatoes, apples, cinnamon, yellow onion and spinach.  The recipe can be found here:



While I was cooking, these sweet puppies came in the mail!


Then it was off to Gainesville!  I flew into Orlando and had to drive what is supposed to be 1.5 hours to Gainesville.  Since I live in Chicago, I don’t have a car and so naturally, the first time I get behind the wheel in 7 months, it is pouring down rain and there is an 8 car pile-up.  We sat in the same spot for 2 hours…SUPER!


By the time we got to Gainesville, it was about 8:00 PM so we headed to a bar and met up with my sister-in-law (left), my friend Genell (middle) and my brother-in-law (not pictured).  It was great to see them!


The next day was game day!!! Woo hoo!  My step-brother met up with me right before I went into the game.  Our seats were awesome (in the shade) and we won!!!  GO GATORS!


Overall, it was a great weekend BUT, I ate like crap and drank way too much.

To make it worse, work was a mad-house once I came back and I had to stay until 10:00 PM last night!  This meant no working out.  I tried to redeem myself by waking up early this morning to get in a quick run but I was so tired from my long day yesterday that I didn’t make it.

But today will be my catch-up day.  After work, I plan on doing some laundry and running for about 30 minutes + 15 minutes on the elliptical + core strength training.  I’ve got to catch back up after a long weekend of going all willy-nilly!

Happy hump day!