I have a problem and some random photos

Hey party people!  How’s your week coming along?

Mine has been a little rough but I guess that tends to happen from time to time, right?

Aside from my rough week, I have been struggling to keep my diet in check.  For me, once I start eating shitty food, it slowly morphs into a problem <— where I’m at now.

SO, with that being said, it is time to clean. it. up.  For the rest of the week, I am going to work on my path to eating clean again.  Which means I am going to focus on cutting out the following:

1) Sugar (ice cream, I’m looking at you!)

2) Alcohol (waaah!!!)

3) Processed carbs

My weekends these days have been fairly boring so I haven’t been taking pictures like I usually do.  There are a couple of random pictures from the last few weeks that I thought I would share.


A friend of ours, Ryan is going to run the Chicago marathon and so he and his wife had a little rooftop party to help raise money for PAWS.  The rooftop had a cool view of Union Station.


And the food was quite delicious!


Sunshine + Beer (which I don’t ordinarily drink but…when in Rome, right?)


I went on a run for the first time in a loooong time and snapped a quick photo of the skyline.  I did a .5 mile warm up + 3 mile run + .5 mile cool down.  My legs are still giving me issues so I think I’ll have to continue to layoff for a while 😦


Now that the summer is winding down, we were sure to grab at least one more concert in the park.  Boy was it CROWDED!  Crowds are not my favorite (read: I am a total lunatic when it comes to crowds in that I. can’t. deal.) so we left at intermission.


We had a little lunch at West End because we could bring the dogs.  I’m not sure why though because every time they come, I get so annoyed that I begin to question my life choices.

That’s all I’ve got for now! 

Has anyone else been slipping up when it comes to food or fitness goals?

-As usual, I find that the fitness/working out part is easy but my real challenge is with my diet!

My mini-goals and a MAJOR photo dump

Happy Tuesday peeps.  I have been TERRIBLE about getting my ass to the gym.

My IT band has been bothering me along with my ankle (STILL!) so it has been a struggle to get myself to the gym knowing that I can’t run.  Today, it made me realize that I need a few mini-goals to get myself re-motivated so here they are:

1) STOP feeling sorry for myself about being injured and START doing something about it.  So my goal is to focus on low impact weight lifting, spinning, swimming and doing the elliptical.

2) Do a better job of meal planning (mainly, lunches).  Lately I have been scrounging around for food to bring to work and end up feeling unsatisfied after eating.

3) Live in the moment!  I often find myself being so consumed with my “list” that I lose sight of what life is all about.  STOP IT.

And now for the fun part!!! PHOTO DUMP (I know you guys are so excited, stop frontin’)

Last weekend (Memorial Day), the weather was nothing to write home about but we did get out on Sunday and that was nice.

ImageAnd then a SERIOUS game of Jenga commenced.



Followed by a little rooftop action and a game of Parcheesi.

Hello Michigan Avenue!



ImageThen this past weekend, it was time for some BFF action with my high school sweetheart who now lives in NYC with her husband.

Friday, we went to the Rolling Stones concert and it was AMAZING!

The stage:



Guys, Mick Jagger is SO SKINNY!Image



This is us after the concert, clearly sober.Image


The next day, we went to the bean, walked through an art festival, had brunch and went to a music festival that got rained out.  Here’s a couple pictures from Saturday.


ImageIt truly was an amazing weekend, the only thing missing was our friend Iveline who lives in Paris.  We miss you Iveline!!!!

Anyway, after my fun-filled weekend, yesterday, my husband and I decided to hit up the free concert in the park.




SEE, I told you it was a major photo dump!!!

Anyone have any unforgettable memories/weekends/nights/events of late?

Mine was definitely the Rolling Stones concert!  Thanks again Rachelle & Michael!